Saturday, June 2, 2012

Looking Ahead...

Happy Summer!

Students have JUST gotten out for the summer. Families are on vacation, boys and girls are staying up late and sleeping in, and moms and dads are typically getting a little break from the daily grind that wears us down during the school year.

The summer is actually one of  the busiest times of the year for administrators as we look ahead to "next year"! One of my goals for the 2012-2013 school year is to do a better job communicating with parents and making myself available more often. With almost 1,000 students at Petal Primary School, one of my greatest challenges is reaching out to all of the families of our boys and girls. I am looking for suggestions and ideas on how I can be more effective in this area. However, one of the ways that I plan to do this is by writing a blog. My goal is to post monthly on various topics of interest to parents of our students. (You know what they say - when you make a commitment and tell people, you are more likely to keep that commitment, so I will have to make a strong effort to stick with the monthly goal!)

At Petal Primary, we talk everyday about "Standing Tall". This phrase actually comes from a special children's book about a little girl named Molly Lou Melon. If you haven't already read this book, I encourage you to do so. It has a wonderful message, and we use this story to remind our boys and girls the meaning of our Petal Primary Creed. In the Creed, we talk about respecting ourselves and others, doing what is right, and being the best we can be. So, when I talk about "Standing Tall"in the future, you will know exactly to what I am referring.

This entry is just an introduction. I will be posting in a few days about summer-time learning opportunities. Feel free to offer feedback, suggestions, etc. It is my goal to use this blog as a tool for communicating with parents and for making our school better. Thank you in advance for helping us to "Stand Tall"!

Enjoy these summer days,

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